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What is being said about our products..

These blades are great, I work in a warehouse where I'm constantly cutting open and breaking down single to double walled boxes and these blades don't seem to dull near half as quick as others.

I'll definitely continue to buy these blades, the serrated edge is nice and allows me to cut through double walled cardboard in one cut even after weeks of use. If you’re looking for a good reliable blade try these and I imagine you won't be disappointed. 

Ridiculously long-lasting, best freakin' razor blades I've ever tried. If you've ever gone from the original type to the gold ones, you know the upgrade that was. THIS IS 5 TIMES THE UPGRADE. The package is small (10 pack), but when you consider how long they last, 10 is plenty for a package.

I have never had serrated utility blades. They are great. They last longer and are stronger than the ones I have used in the past. I highly recommend them.

These puppies are SHARP. Work great with my Gerber folding money-clip box cutter.

There's only one thing to say about these: they are the best cutting blades you can buy. NEVER buy anything other than a serrated edge blade for your utility knife.

The utility blades with the serrated edge last a long time and I am able to still sharpen my carpenter pencil. Regular blades can get dull very quickly and I am always changing them out for a new edge.

Better than regular utility blades!!!

Nice blades.

Makes easy work of the thickest cardboard boxes. Oil coated so they arrive in great condition. The serrated edge does seem to make a big difference in smooth cutting. Very little to no drag when cutting.

I read some of the reviews and I was half expecting some sort of miracle blade that could cut through anything with a feather touch. It isn't that, but it is pretty sharp. We moved recently and I've been cutting up a lot of cardboard. Some of it extremely thick and this blade makes quick work of it. It is like having a fresh blade all the time. I haven't changed blades yet so I can't really say how long it lasts, but it definitely lasts longer than a normal razor blade. I'll keep buying them.

I am a knife-aholic. I love knives. I have seen an increasing number of people carrying these folding utility knives so I had to try one out for myself. I figured for work they would be better than my usual EDC knives because they would hold their edge better and worked great for cutting bailing twine or breaking down boxes. Well I ended up hating the plain utility blades, did not hold an edge worth crap, would not hold an edge longer than a week when cutting down boxes. Decided to try these out, Oh boy are they sharp! Hold an edge about twice as well as a plain blade (in my experience) and just work so much better for an EDC blade.

The serrated blade does help a lot when cutting thicker material like leather. Highly recommended to people never tried it.

These are the only razor blades I use. I work on a lot of demolition derby cars and other vehicles and especially with the derby vehicles I often need to cut though rubber hoses wiring and plastic components to either remove them or repair them and nothing comes close to the blades not even a full size pocket knife. They glide right through rubber like fuel lines and radiator hoses and even through moderate sized wiring.

I work as a Carpenter, Electrician, and all around Stagehand in the Theater/TV world. These are now in my Gerber EAB as well as my standard mat knife, and I won't be turning back to normal blades. They beat normal utility blades across the board, from cutting zip ties, foam core, jute, muslin, etc. The serrations actually made stripping wires a breeze without proper strippers. Great little addition to the tool bag!

Heavy cardboard... thick plastic zip ties... knotted plastic wrap - just as the title says. Great blade and a little scary how well they cut. It would be handy if they came in a re-closable box, but a stapler takes care of that.

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